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St. Charles Presbyterian Church History

August 30, 1818 – Nine members sign a Covenant to form St. Charles Presbyterian Church

1832 – First Sunday School Classes begin

1833 – First permanent church building known as “Old Blue” is begun

1840s – Presbyterian “Old School – New School” division causes St. Charles Presbyterian Church to split into three separate churches: Main Street Church, Constitution Presbyterian Church, and St. Charles Presbyterian Church (Old Blue)

1867 – Civil War era causes church to split into First Presbyterian Church, U.S. and Jefferson Street Church

1948 – Both churches form a Federation and reunite into one church, St. Charles Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

1952 – The church and Lindenwood College form a partnership and begin plans to build a new building to serve the congregation and the college

1956 – Cornerstone is laid for new building on Sibley Street

1986 – St. Charles Presbyterian Church buys out Lindenwood’s interest in the property

August 26, 2007 – Two-story addition, elevator and renovations are completed and building is rededicated on the 189th Founder’s Day Celebration