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1818 Founders Legacy Society

1. The Legacy Commission

This Commission is charged with providing opportunities for members of St. Charles Presbyterian Church to leave legacy gifts to the church. These gifts are primarily devoted to the church mortgage, although we are also working to build an endowment fund to assure the financial future of our church. Current members of this commission are Lisa Brown, George Morris, Carolyn Newcomb, Jordan Osborn, Ronnie Osborn (Pastor), Howard Seeds (church Treasurer), Larry Simpson, and Doug White.  The complete Operating Plan for this Commission can be found on this Website.


2. The 1818 Founders’ Legacy Society

This honorary Society is comprised of members of the church who have notified the office of their plans to leave a legacy gift to the church. These gifts, large and small, can be cash, personal property, real estate, stocks and bonds, proceeds of insurance policies, etc. Members of the Society are publicly recognized for their extraordinary generosity to their church.